• Welcome to Scott Physiotherapy in Brantford Working with you for a rapid recovery Scott Physiotherapy Clinic has been offering physiotherapy in Brantford, Ontario for 50 years.
  • Our philosophy of customized care for rapid recovery has stood strong for half a century. We are dedicated to healing our patients using evidence-based physiotherapy and helping them return to normal active living as quickly as possible.
  • Whether you are impacted by an injury or chronic condition, we can make a difference in decreasing your pain and enabling your recovery.
  • Our services include orthopedics (treatment for neck and back injuries), neurological, cardio respiratory rehabilitation, sports injury treatment, massage and acupuncture among many other areas of assistance.

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Custom Foot Orthotics

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Cardio Respiratory Rehabilitation

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Craniofacial TMJ Therapy

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Sports Injuries

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Vestibular & Balance Rehabilitation

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For Patients

Your First Visit

When you visit Scott Physiotherapy Clinic of Brantford, ON for the first time, we want the experience to be pleasant and informational for you.

After taking your health history, we will do a thorough examination to determine how we can best treat your injury or condition.

We will discuss our conclusions with you, and customize a program for your individual care and recovery.

Be sure to arrive early on the day of your appointment to have time to complete essential medical forms.

You will feel more at ease in comfortable, loose-fitting clothing, since we will likely deliver your first treatment following diagnosis and planning how to best help you.

If you normally wear corrective lenses or hearing aids, please ensure they are in place for your visit, since part of the healing process is maintaining clear communication with your physiotherapist.

Please bring with you a list of any medications, both prescribed and over-the-counter, that you are currently taking. If you have a referral note or any other forms or material from your doctor, please also bring them.

Physiotherapy Fees

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